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Kreševo – a short overview

The Municipality of Kreševo covers an area of 150 square kilometers. It is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it borders neighboring municipalities of Kiseljak, Fojnica, Konjic and Hadžići.

According to preliminary results of the census carried out in 2013  5.633 residents dwelled in the 1881 households in the area, including the municipality center and 26 villages.

Surrounded by the Lopata, Inaš, Berberuša, Čubren, Trebac, Volujak and Meoršje hills, Kreševo is situated at an altitude of 640 meters. The entire Municipality region belongs to the Bosna river basin. The River Kreševčica, which is formed by the joining of the Vranački and Kojsinski streams, flows through Kreševo, while Crna rijeka runs through the southern part of the Municipality. Both streams flow into the Lepenica river. The pery mountain and moderate-continental climate prevails in the north-east of the Municipality, while in the south-west, on the Bitovnja Mountain, the dominant climate is mountain and moderately-continental.  The average annual temperature in the central part of the Municipality is 6 to 8, lightly rising in the valley of Kreševčica at between  8 to 10, and in the area of Bitovnja  from 4 to 6 Celsius degrees. The average annual rainfall varies between 900 and 1750mm.

Close to the town are two roads accessing to the A1 Highway: the first is in Lepenica, approximately 7 km from the town, and the second in Tarčin, at about 15 km from Kreševo. Sarajevo, the capital city of BiH, is located 21 km away. Kreševo is connected to Kiseljak by a 12 km long road.

Not many regions in BiH can boast of the full splendor and beauty of nature; through the forests, pastures and mountain peaks together with countless mountain springs and streams, potable water just 10km away from its  spring, all highlight the magic of pure and uncontaminated nature.  Beautiful forest roads and idyllic paths lead to these natural beauties. Forest fruits are plentiful (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries…), medicinal herbs and mushrooms thus completing the harmony along with the pleasant climate, numerous springs, unpolluted air and an abundance of forest fruits providing ideal living conditions for various sorts of wildlife such as  bears, wolfs, wild boars, roes, roebucks, rabbits and many species of birds and fish.

In many caves and caverns, some of which have not yet been explored, there are rare minerals and crystals all of which attract the more curious as well as experts who are in search of underground adventures.

The Bitovnja Mountain with its north-east slopes Inač, Trebac, Visočica and Lopata represents a unique area of outstanding natural values ensuring the future development of the entire region based on highly developed tourism and sport. The area is well organized with marked trails. Making it possible to venture out by yourself on excursions; since the ground is particularly suitable for  mountaineering, trekking and mountain biking.

For those of you who would like a holiday with a difference then why not choose to pick your own mushrooms, forest fruits and medicinal herbs; you can do so in this safe environment. Kreševo stands for – safe eco paradise. Experience the pleasure of selecting your own ingredients for a natural and healthy meal.

Today the town of Kreševo is well organised and clean and its locals, are known, just as their ancestors were to take every opportunity to warmly welcome visitors as though they were old friends.  There is also the ancient Bosnian architecture, which can be seen among modern buildings, and the many flowers to be found outside private homes and public areas, telling us a lot about the spirit of the towns inhabitants.

Similarly the agriculture and farms at nearby settlements have been replaced with modern homes and spacious backyards. At a glance you can tell how much the inhabitants pride themselves on making their homes pleasing to the eye.

Just one look at the streets of Kreševo, be it night or day, is all it takes to see what a safe, unique oasis it really is. The urban mentality of its inhabitants, formed throughout centuries, is still very much a part of life today and can be seen in different nuances of everyday life. This adds to the magic of this wonderful place and, without a hint of a doubt, time spent here is time spent wisely.



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